Hello world!

1 Jul
Hello world!  Friends, I have an addiction, I am so addicted to reality tv that I can’t even believe it. And now thanks to that crazy biatch  Jill Zarin on RHONY, I have been made aware that there are so many great blogs dedicated to just that, reality tv. I have come across some great blogs written by some really neat ladies and since I love to read and write, I thought, “what the hell, I throw my two cents out there.” Last night’s guilty pleasure was the marathon of  Gene Simmons Family Jewels. All I can say, is “you go, Shannon Tweed!” Get away from that mess of a man and move on. You’ve done all the right things. You hung on, you stayed true and you did what you could to make sure your two great kids were raised by a mother who chose to sacrifice a lot of her own happiness in order to stay home and raise your children. My hat is off to you girl! It really is. I have complete respect for you. You stayed true to Mr. Simmons even though he was a mess and I commend your for it! Now take half his shit and kick his sorry ass to the curb! Gene Simmons has shown that although he is a good provider, that’s about all he is. He’s a self-centered, narcissistic ahole, in my opinion. You never really see Gene make an honest effort to be a partner to Shannon. Especially not emotionally. It’s all about him. Men like him tend to destroy everyone around him, but not you. You have shown strength, class, and dignity throughout it all. You did your job. You raised those kids, now get your HAPPY ON! Ok, I am going to try how to figure out all this blogging thing now. This is just my first try. I have a lot more I would love to say, but I have to learn how to blog! Cheers! Dalonna